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Bioneuroemotion Session

Gisel Romero offers transformative services rooted in the Bioneuroemotion® method, a powerful approach designed to elevate personal development and enhance consciousness. By fostering self-awareness, Bioneuroemotion® helps individuals unravel the roots of their emotional experiences and conflicts. This deep understanding empowers clients, enabling them to manage their emotions with greater responsibility and confidence.

Gisel provides these empowering services in English, Italian, and Spanish, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Through the Bioneuroemotion® method, Gisel guides individuals on a transformative journey, promoting emotional intelligence, self-discovery, and personal growth. If you’re seeking a path to increased self-awareness, empowerment, and a better understanding of your emotional landscape, Gisel Romero’s services are tailored to support you on your personal development journey.

£ 91 60 minutes

Type of Service:

Online, In-Person

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced



Here we specialise in the Bioneuroemotion Method – a holistic approach that integrates biology, neuroscience, and emotions to unravel the intricate connection between our emotional well-being and physical health.

In our journey towards personal development and empowerment, it’s crucial to recognise the profound impact our emotions and beliefs have on our overall well-being. The Bioneuroemotion Method delves deep into the subconscious and unconscious realms, unveiling unresolved conflicts and traumas, particularly those rooted in childhood. These emotional blockages and imbalances, if left unaddressed, can manifest as various physical or psychological symptoms, disrupting our lives.

Our approach involves a careful and comprehensive exploration of your emotional landscape. We employ diverse techniques such as personal interviews, family tree analysis, and the examination of past experiences. By understanding the underlying emotions and beliefs contributing to your health problems, we pave the way for transformative healing.

At the core of the Bioneuroemocion Method is the integration of knowledge from psychology, biology, and energy medicine. By amalgamating insights from these fields, we create a tailored healing plan designed to identify and address the emotional root causes of your health issues. Our aim is to empower you with a holistic approach to healing, offering you the tools to reclaim your well-being and embrace a life of balance and vitality.

Embark on this transformative journey with us. Let’s work together to unravel the intricate web of emotions, beliefs, and physical health, leading you towards a future marked by personal development, empowerment, and enduring well-being.

10 reviews for Bioneuroemotion Session

  1. Natalia (verified owner)

    I still remember leaving after my first session with Gisel feeling like my eyes had been opened! So much had changed in that one session. It was like a year of traditional therapy in just one hour. Speaking with Gisel gave me a clear, unbiased understanding of why I do what I do and why I have certain core beliefs, specific behaviors and limitations. It helped me see through the lies I was telling myself. Bioneuroemotion helps you understand the connections between the past and who you are today. It gives you a self-awareness that provokes change and transformation because once you know and can see your constraints and blocks, your perception instantly changes.

  2. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Gisel is incredible at identifying the root cause of triggers and coaching people through them. In our session together, she helped me make connections no other coach ever has. With sharp instincts and great communication, she is a powerhouse.

  3. Monika (verified owner)

    For a few years I had not felt fulfilled. Something was not going as I had imagined in my professional and private life. So I turned to Gisel. We had a few sessions, always dealing with a specific problem in search of the why. Gisel’s questions were very concrete, sometimes sharp, because they led me to self- reflection, to the search for the emotional key, the hidden emotions that activate a series of actions in the present. Thanks to Gisel, I got to know myself and what happens to me better by looking at it from another point of view. I challenge myself every day to open my mind to improve my world and the world of those around me.

  4. Carol (verified owner)

    I had a Bioneuroemotion session with Gisel. I am often described as calm and collected. I am not the type of person who goes to wellbeing sessions. In this case I did because after getting to know Gisel, my curiosity got the best of me. I am always eager to learn. My work is based of finding patterns. Pattern recognition is what I do best, imagine my surprise when during the session Gisel helped me see the hidden source of the patterns of my behaviour. Information is key for decision making. After the session I started implementing small changes that are already making a difference at a personal and a professional level. I highly recommend Gisel for Bioneuroemotion. Her insights and skill are truly exceptional.

  5. Irina (verified owner)

    Gisel was a warm presence and a great support throughout my session. She created a safe space to work deeply on my issues. After the session with her I felt more confident, I had more clarity on my life and the direction I need to take. I am really grateful for it and I recommend with my whole heart a session with Gisel.

  6. Fenia (verified owner)

    I had the privilege of experiencing a transformative bioneuroemocion session with Gisel. Through her attentive listening and skillful guidance, Gisel helped me overcome personal conflicts by shifting my focus from my own opinions to the situation at hand. Her insightful questions and safe, supportive environment allowed me to delve deeper into my emotions and gain a clearer understanding of myself. I left the session feeling light and happy, armed with the tools to make positive changes in my life. Gisel’s ability to effectively communicate complex concepts in a relatable manner makes her an exceptional resource for personal growth and emotional well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Gisel to anyone seeking bioneuroemocion sessions.

  7. Franklin (verified owner)

    The Bioneuroemotion® method made me feel powerful, clarified my perspective on my actions and behavioral patterns and helped me to get rid of unnecessary burdens. At the end I felt lighter but stronger.

  8. Maria (verified owner)

    I met Gisel two years ago. I have had several Bioneuroemotion® sessions that have helped me cope better with everyday life, from the emotional to the professional sphere. By digging into my past and guiding me in conversation, from the very first session, she was able to trace the origin of my trauma, giving me the right keys to overcome it and work on myself. The session is a very intense experience and gives you great awareness. I recommend Gisel to everyone who is working on themselves and who is willing to let go of old patterns in order to live their life with a new impetus.

  9. Micaela (verified owner)

    At a particular time in my life, after a period of psychological therapy, I felt I needed something complementary and turned to Gisel. Thus, what seemed like a simple chat soon turned into a very profound confrontation of understanding of the ancestral motivations of my actions but also of the choices I was unknowingly not making. In short, Gisel understood a lot about my life and my past, helping me to read certain passages that actually cause blockages in my present as well. The method that Gisel uses is certainly very strong, it leaves little room for all the little lies that we tell ourselves every day but, because of this, it helps to highlight certain parts of us that, if recognised, really help us to make conscious choices in our lives!

  10. Lia (verified owner)

    The Bioneuroemotion session with Gisel was a very important step for me and my personal development. I met Gisel during The Break Fellowship and I was lucky to experience one of her sessions. She is really able to help you understand the bigger picture of your problems and behaviours, to see the interconnectedness between it all and to discover the root cause for them. Her empathy and kindness made me feel very safe, supported and seen during our sessions. I knew that I can let it all go and not be afraid of being judged or criticized, but only confronted with love and compassion. Such a beautiful experience!

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  2. Rescheduling: In cases where a cancellation does occur within the specified notice period, the client may have the option to reschedule the session to a mutually agreed-upon date and time, subject to availability.

  3. Exceptions: However, there may be certain exceptional circumstances, such as emergencies or unforeseen events, where the cancellation notice period may be more lenient. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, ensuring fairness to both the client and the service provider.

  4. Communication: Clients are requested to provide cancellation notices in writing, either via email or through the preferred communication channel established during the booking process. This helps to maintain a clear record of communication and avoids misunderstandings.

  5. Refund Policy: If the client cancels a session with the required 48-hour notice, any fees already paid for that specific session may be eligible for a refund. However, if the client fails to cancel within the specified notice period or does not provide any cancellation notice at all, the session fee will not be refundable.

Note: It is important to communicate the cancellation policy clearly to clients during the booking process and provide them with an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. This will help set proper expectations and foster a professional relationship with clients while protecting the time and resources of the service provider.